Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Drab Kinda Day...

Spring Equinox with full moon; interesting vibes. Hope it clears enough to bloody see it, for a change.
I was rather keen on Sky Atlantic's  THE MIRACLE, series, but by the end ,as with TRAPPED, I was very baffled by all the zillion plot threads. I'm afraid it is 'old age'... BTW, I've had jowls and turkey neck for ages, but my whole jaw and everything seems to have collapsed suddenly
into a wobbly mass of  fleshglobs and crepeyness . Horrible. 
I'd thought it was going to be mild, today. I suppose it is, but it feels dank and chilly.
It's been a busy week for dreadful events. This cyclone, Idai is truly horrendous. Gods, give the world a break, eh?
Coffee Lovers is going to be closed tomorrow, as they're attending the funeral of the poor lady who died.  She used to sit in 'my' favourite chair most of the time, and I'd offer it to her if she came in while I was there. Now I'm kind of 'afraid' to sit there, in case her ghost is in it!


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