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Spare LJ Code, Guv?

Anybody got a spare code for a deserving Canadian cartoonist? I didn't realise I only had one forever, and gave it away ages ago...
Scoured the shops again fruitlessly. There are no fans in London....
So far, it feels as hot as yesterday. Stuff is falling apart as the glue holding it together/to the wall melts...I'm pretty near breaking point; just can't stand any more, but THERE IS NO ESCAPE! Of course, I worry about Wotan, too, but I think he's coping.
As for my continuing video orgy, I think ADAPTATION is very good, actually, but I was in such a fevered delerious state while watching it that I couldn't really focus.

SOLARIS was sterile and rather boring, with none of the moody mystery of the Tarkovsky film. You do get to see George Clooney's bum for a second. I must read the novel sometime.
Oh Powers That Be, please stop this heat stuff...

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