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Who used to sing about Frankie being marched to the electric chair?
...Frankie was going to meet her God with the sweat running out of her hair... Everyone who sings it seems to have their own version. I remembered this one while standing waiting for Alders (Arding & Hobbs as was-) to open, with my latest malfunctioning fan. Big blobs of sweat were running down the back of my neck and plunking on my shoulders! Must've been a pretty sight, but nobody's exactly looking their best. They must quake when they see me coming, down there, but I try not to give the poor shop drones a bad time. S'not their fault if the things don't work properly. I had the paperwork, which made it pretty simple.. Problem: they are totally sold out of fans, so I had to just take a refund. Everyone at Clapham Junction is sold out of fucking fans. Arse...Got some more videos: BAISE-MOI (supposed to be shockingly rude, brutal, etc. Yeh...)and ADAPTATION, which is suposed to be an engaging exploration of creativity, etc...Hope it's cool Nicolas Cage and not crap Nicolas Cage, as it too often is, these days.
Trying to resist geting involved in FAME ACADEMY...(I reckon Alex and Peter-)

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