Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Harvey ...

I was on the rowing machine when I saw Harvey the squirrel-killer in the distance, with a man. All of a sudden, he came loping towards me, and jumped up to 'greet' me, while I shouted at him to fuck off. The bloke came up, quite apologetic. Then commented that Harvey obviously really liked me, it must be because his owner is around the same age as me...(The woman is 85, so that was my day made!)  I told him about Harvey's  squirrel assassinations, and he said 'I thought people seemed to be giving me dirty looks.'  He said he'd take extra care to see that  there were no more attacks, and seemed generally pretty sane and OK. I hope he's permanently replacing the other guy. Harvey continued to rub up against me and drool . I couldn't help giving him a scritch or two, but warned him to mend his ways.
I'm feeling a bit rough again; hope it's not going to be one of those colds that keep coming back. My eyes are really itchy, too.

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