Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,


Another agonising trip to the Coli. This time, I'd left at about 12:45 for 2 O'clock, so I'd have plenty of time to mooch around, and have a sniff in Cass Arts.
The 87 buses were only going to Lambeth Bridge, though, so I got onto an  88 at Vauxhall, only for that to be diverted, and crawl to the Strand in a hideous traffic jam. I just made it for the curtain!
I have to admit THE MERRY WIDOW was quite pleasant, though. The music is charming, after all, the cast was good, especially Sarah Tynan as Hannah.
There were attractive sets, flouncy frocks, a brace of 'riverdancing' beavers, and it was all very glam.
I passed by the stage door, which I don't often do, these days, and noticed for the first time, that the entrace is now all modern and glassy-bright. There used to be an old  paneled door with about fifty coats of  chipped pea green paint on it. I felt sad that it was gone.
There really is too much TV to cope with, nowadays, I've just been hooked into THE MIRACLE, which looks quite promising; possible woowoo in Mafialand...


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