Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

(To)Day The Earth Caught Fire...

Hottest winter temperatures ever in London. People all be goin'  'Ohhhh, isn't it grand?', while it's more like a harbinger of climate chaos doom.
In addition to my own personal dislike of hot weather, especially in bloody winter, I really do find it somewhat disturbing. Well, it's keeping the heating bill down, anyway.
Interesting murder in the monastery story going on in THE CRIMSON RIVERS.
DAS BOOT 2, although it takes place mainly on land, and lacks some of the suspense of the original, is also pretty engrossing.
Brexit lunacy rattles on, although it's beginning to look like the horror may at least be postponed. Everyone's so pissed off at the poor old UK, too. What a monumental waste of time and money that could have been so much better deployed. Grunt.


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