Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

A Pigeon Called Fuckwing...

I often wonder about what exactly makes something funny? I remember browsing in a rather sombre bookshop, years ago, at a David Shrigley book, and coming across a page depicting 'Timmy' a blue, three-eyed squirrel, and  naming some pigeons he has fucked. I let out a spontaneous guffaw, and felt like an eejit...'Fuckwing', though, 'Spam'... YOU HAVE TO LAUGH!  Even now, I'll be sitting on a bus or something and think 'Fuckwing' and snigger.
David Shrigley always annoyed me a little, because he got rich and famous and I reckoned my stuff was as good. Ever since that, though, I've realised he's a comic genius and deserving of all the goodies he has gleaned. Now, a lot of people will think this is just stupid, while I sit straight-faced through many extremely popular comedies. So what makes funny?

Speaking of squirrels, there was not one to be seen  in the park this morning. It's been virtually critter-free all week. Wonder if they decided to do an Exodus after the massacre Saturday?

I went down to Tate Britain to see the Burne-Jones show, before it closes. No way. There were huge queues, for both exhibits, mid-morning, mid-week. Bah!  I hung around and moseyed through the other galleries. I couldn't really afford Burne-Jones anyway...Or should I go really early tomorrow morning and try again?

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