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Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God...

This is cruel and unusual,and I seriously object. Send the zipless fantasy fuck incarntion in the air - conditioned limo to drive me off to a secluded beach NOW, or I perish, surely.
I'm eating orange sugarless jelly made with some free past-its-date pineapple juice I got, instead of water. It be good.
Saw a reasonable psychological thriller while unable to sleep t'other night; HARRY, HE'S HERE TO HELP.,4267,395102,00.html
I feel like getting CHICAGO, SOLARIS, and whatever to get me through the next few days/nights, but it's too hot to go to Clapham Junction. I have to go tomorrow morning, tough, 'cos it's (shudder of ecstatic anticipation-) Specials Day at LIDL. They've got really cool-looking trousers for £2.99; in fatfolk sizes, too- Then, I'll get videos on the way home...

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