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Deteriorating Dog Park...

Still felt sad and angry about the squirrel murder yesterday, and when I went to the park earlyish this morning, there were a lot of undisciplined dogs running around. Fortunately, no squirrels had yet ventured out, and  only the streetwise crows were on the lawn.
I was getting into the swing of  my stretching, which usually sends me into a bit of a trance, when I was suddenly smashed in the face by the skull of a rowdy teenaged Labrador. His 'pikey' type owner thought it was mildly amusing, as I howled and cursed, and she
sort-of apologised  with the 'he was just being friendly' line. She was already chugging cider at about 9:30, and all.
R Next Door isn't entirely wrong about how rough that park is getting. Most of the owners are very irresponsible with their (often big-) dogs, and quite a few people have stopped bringing their own pooches there, for fear of attacks, etc. Bring back the parkies, I say! (Some chance -)
When all the extra flats have been added to the estate, it's only gonna get worse, I guess...


Just watched the first episode of BAPTISTE. Ewww! looks like it's gonna be good.

Recently, I've also caught up with the Coen Brothers, THE BALLAD OF BUSTER SCRUGGS, a strange batch of Wild West tales of a tragicomic nature (Mostly tragi-)  The photography is stunningly gorgeous, the cast is fine, and it's really very good indeed. Mind you, it didn't boost my melancholia much. A couple of the stories are quite heartbreaking, There are some dark chuckles along the way, though.
I also saw a new Netflix horror film, MONSTER, which was just mediocre. Dysfunctional families seem to have replaced hyperhormonal teens as the mostly doomed cliche characters in scary flicks.

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