Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,


When I went to the Coli the other day, I was rather amazed to see that the big Post Office, the newsagent, and the 'Pret' on the corner were all feckin' closed.! I hadn't passed that way in a couple of months...Evidently the whole block is going to beome yet another bloody posh hotel!  What a pain for everyone in the area. It was an ugly enough building, but very convenient for those working locally.
I watched that Netflix series about killer Ted Bundy , and was fascinated. It's so Wrong, but whaddya gonna do? I've now started gawking at another such programme, dealing with a 60's killer I'd never heard of, known as 'Jack the Stripper' ...
Lily's muzzle came off, yesterday, and she went for a pigeon, luckily getting just a few feathers. R Next Door gave her such a 'talking to' that  the poor bitch  is still cowering. Not that she'd hit her, or anything, but she screams and shouts so hideously that the dogs are terrified. Nasty, Still, it seems to work, and if it keeps them from attacking little critters, I suppose it's OK


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