Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Staggering Constellations Again...

AKHNATEN is such a mesmerising, mystical masterpiece. The revival has most of the cast from 2016, including the fine countertenor Anthony Roth Constanzo, and the fascinating Zachary James as the mostly-speaking Scribe. The bloke's got to be seven feet tall, and he has this really intense charisma. I'd love to see/hear him in some of the classic bass roles he does.
I wasn't feeling that bright yesterday, and felt chilled by the wild wind and rain.
I was sad, too, thinking of my old ENO mucker, John Lazzarini, who shared my AKHNATEN obsession, back when it premiered. I think we both attended about five times, plus sneaking into rehearsals. He would so feckin' love this amazing production. I mean the original was fantastic, but Ohhyah!

By the time I got home, I felt quite sick, what with the wind and  my usual nausea. I had bad dreams , and still felt crook this morning. I did my workout, but pretty feebly. The blustery days really creep me out, sometimes. My brain 'feels' all weird...
R Next Door was hassling me about ordering some online homostherapy stuff for her. She refuses to get email herself, as she's afraid of robbery, etc. I was not in the mood...Lily was there, in a stylish red coat, and muzzle. She's also on lead until R trains her not to chase squirrels. She's much longer than Peppi, being a full-blooded Greyhound, and R is having to put all foodstuffs on high shelves, or Lily's up on her hind legs and chomping.

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