Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

What An Existence...

Groan...A chilly, drizzleday, so trying to get a bit of tidying stuff sorted out indoors...Ha!
Have already puked once. I wonder if this reduces the effectiveness of my meds?
Still no email from my sister. I don't want to be a fretful old hag, but they do live pretty basically, in a remote area, with few nearby neighbours.I 'm wondering if the weather has screwed up their internet connection.
Moon has been sneezing a bit, which somewhat concerns me, especially as Google says it could be connected to her dental problems.
The rain has lightened somewhat, and they've started work on the front lawns again. They're supposed to be safely disposing of all the asbestos and other Bad Things in the soil before the building starts. Everything the council arranges so shabby, I'm sure they're poisoning us with Gawd knows what, eight-hundred year-old Black Death cooties, etc. etc.
Saw a lame made-for -TV DRACULA with Jack Palance, who wasn't that bad, Simon Ward and Nigel Davenport. Very dull script; no Renfield, even.
Also checked out the first episode of that PURE comedy that's supposed to be so terrific. Meh, I thought, although I find the heroine's condition quite interesting.


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