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Scratching And Rattling...

I was sitting here perusing, trying to get creative, blah blah, and these rats-in-the -wall-ish noises started up. They were coming down the hall, like someone was trying to open the door.I listened some more,it didn't stop. I knew I was going to have to go and look, so I crept as slowly as I could, but it kept on scratching.
There, poking away at MY keyhole, was a really weird-looking man... Catweazle hair, bulbous rheumy eyeballs frighteningly concentrated, chinless, unshaven, loose lips flapping open, just plain nasty-looking...
Quaking and collywobbly, I somehow managed to plonk myself in front of him, with unwavering Paddington and my butchest bark -" What do you want?"
He started visibly, goggling back at me with obvious terror, and stammered mildly that he was dreadfully sorry, must be on the wrong floor, and scuttled away. Well, I just bloody hope he was as petrified as I was. I'm still palpitating.
I've certainly never seen him around before. New tenant, I guess. he looks very care-in-the-community. Hope he's hygienic, at least.
The lift's been out of order for like four days, now, and there hasn't been a concierge downstairs in a week. Most Unsatisfactory...

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