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Ambulance-Chasing Artistry...

After a foray into COMICS SHOWCASE (...a new CJ, Naughty Bits Love & Rockets, and more adventures of 'Russell the Hippie', after a very long hiatus...) I lusted after a Royal Doulton figure of Falstaff in Cecil Court, 'esoteric' goodies in Watkins', and visited the Enrique Metinides exhibit at the Photographers' Gallery.
It's astonishing stuff, really. I can't imagine how he's able to make such artfully composed shots at these scenes of mayhem. Mostly we have train wrecks, suicides attempted and successful,squalid murders, electrocutions, and hair-raising traffic accidents. The piece de resistance is a colour shot of an expensively primped and painted socialite-type fatality, daintily draped over a shattered lamppost or something, wearing an expression of snooty annoyance. (She's just been apparently cut in two by a sports car.)
Fascinating grubby hordes of rubbernecking citizens of Mexico City appear in most of these grisly tableaux, goggling more at the photographer than the wreckage/corpses. It's all profoundly grim, but sometimes quite funny in a Day-of-the -Dead sort of way. Yup,we are all doomed...
Just in case you think I'm twisted (Moi?) for going to see such a show,let me point out that I have seldom seen this gallery so busy on a weekday morning. We are all doomed and morbidly voyeuristic...

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