Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Soul In Torment Focuses On Telly...

Had a grim weekend, despite making some  very small inroads into the dreadful, grubby, chaotic Slough of Despond that is my flat. So much STUFF!
Bingewatched FLEABAG, which was actually quite good. I'm not much drawn to 'sitcoms', but this was dark and well-acted enough to appeal .
Penultimate episode of LES MISERABLES was quite lively and moving, although I find the Marius particularly wet and dorky-looking. and nobody but Gavroche noticed Javert's Wost Undercover Identity Ever.
Also saw the first episode of a very interesting-looking Danish series, RIDE UPON THE STORM, psychological family drama about a devoted, charismatic priest who sometimes runs off and goes on drunken benders, and his troubled family. The Scandi attitude towards Christianity seems kind of odd, somehow, like clergy are considered 'professionals'. Well, I suppose they are, really.
The bloody printer has gone peculiar again. I don't belieeeeeeve it!  I also trod in dogshit wearing boots I've had for a while, but have never worn. Fap!

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