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The Evil Undead Pirate
You're one of the evil undead monsters who changes
from human to skeleton in then night.

Which Pirates of the Caribbean persona are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

...Well, beats wearing a corset,I guess.Must say this film looks rather fun.
I have had THREE dreams this week about being forced into marriage with someone I either don't know, or who is dead.I'm made to wear an incredibly unflattering powder blue linen suit, as well. Shriek!
Saw CITY OF GOD...Pretty basic, but strong story of a boy escaping miserable life/early death in a gun-crazy Rio slum, through his obsession with photography. Extremely well done, brilliant cinematography, and give that chicken an Oscar!
As usual, though, it's not nearly so gruesome as most of the hype would lead you to expect.( Maybe I'm just more de-sensitised than most to violence...)

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