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Looks like Godbothering yokel Cameron (no sex before marriage, no gay sex at all-) is a shoo-in to win BB4. I don't know if this is a bit scary, or a celebration of diversity. Personally, I don't really have a favourite this time, but actually wouldn't mind if edgy, multiracial Ray won it.. There's never been an ethnic-type winner, and I gather he comes from my part of town, which means he's probably poor, and might really be able to better himself with some substantial money. (Cameron is a bit of a tycoon in 'the fish business'!)
Re: the 'horror pictures' of the late Hussein brothers, they've really been overdoing it a bit with the warnings, etc. on TV. If you want 'graphic', there's plenty of that on
I've seen some things there that really disturbed me. Probably best avoided, actually...
Got TWO turn-downs for grant money this week. I guess have to resign myself. I'm not going to Serbia - this year, anyhow. Still, thee are a couple of months left,and stranger things have happened.

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