Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Gloomy Skies...

Nice to see Stumpy in the park this morning, after a longish absence.He looks quite perky, and was wagging his half-tail appealingly as he awaited his nut.
When I was feeling rough Saturday, I thought I might as well take a look at the hugely popular THE GREATEST SHOWMAN to cheer myself up. Well, there were a couple of lively numbers, Hugh Jackman was charmingly competent as usual, and the 'freaks' were good, especially the sassy bearded diva. but  it was pretty meh all in all. Don't know what the fuss was about.
I'm quite liking the current BBC LES MISERABLES. The cast is excellent, although I think I still prefer the old Jean Gabin film, of all those I've seen. Olivia Coleman is managing to make Mme Threnadier ever so slightly sympathetic. I don't think think she could 'play' entirely unlikeable.
Coffee Lovers was shut again, dammit. I had coffee in the Spanish cafe next door, which had a lot of very tempting cakes, on display, but  I resisted-largely for fear of  barfing in public.



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