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Obscene Relish...

I know Saddam's sons were thoroughly vile and everything, but the current explosion of gloating glee over their 'orrible deaths seems in kinda poor taste to me. Not much media mention of the 14-year-old kid who was also gunned down, I notice...
I find that ancient, crabby women at bus stops, etc. seem to be increasingly including me in their conversations about the barbaric youth of today,and how this country's gone to hell,and I am usually in full agreement with their cluckings! This,like my increasing tolerance for Monteverdi and Brian Sewell, is probably something I should be worrying about.
I wonder if I could manage to manoeuvre(Sp?) one of those adult-sized black space hoppers without falling over and breaking my brittle geriatric bones? They look like fun...Of course, I'd have to do it where no one could possibly see me, and then, when I did flop off, I'd be left lying there in a pool of blood dying slooowly and gruesomely, and...

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