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Wasted Day...

I did fuck all except go to Clapham Junction and sniff around the charity shops.God, I'm a sad old slacker.
My mad mum sent me a photo booth picture of myself at about 13,that she'd found, saying she thought I looked like Britney Spears (!!!?) Actually, though, I was reasonably normal-looking then, although I thought I was total Elephant-Man material. Now that I really am a feckin' monster, I wish I'd been able to enjoy looking sort of average when I did. Burble..."We get too soon old and too late smart".
My calf went TWANG again, just when I thought it was getting better. This is no good. I'm also beginning to think Vanilla Coke is dangerous.I am now completely addicted, which is absurd.You can get ordinary diet cola at LIDL for 15p, but I need to spend nearly ten times as much on the insidious Vanilla brew, and plenty of it.Absolutely everyone (eh, highgatevampire ?) I know of who's tried it is hooked, as well. Beware-

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