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More Benefits Anguish

My Housing benefit and Council tax have stopped being paid, even though I re-submitted all the shit in good time, due to 'backlogs' etc. NNNNNNnnngh. ..It makes me so nervousa! What a crap system, and why are the errors NEVER in my favour?
That TV series about Andy Warhol was terrific; really fascinating stuff. I have a whole new attitude towards him now.
The bug man has been, sprayed & gone. I had to sit in all day,and it was a drek day,too, chilly, windy,driving rain-y. I have to put all the stuff back in the bloody cupboards in a few hours when it all dries out. There were things in there like from 1996,so I guess it's just as well I had to have a clear -out. Tedious, though.
PS I'm still not entitled to supplementary benefit, because "You have more money coming in than the government says you need to live on." I think I'll challenge it. It really has to be a mistake, but the idea of extra hopeless tussles with beauracracy makes me feel so fucking ill...Whimper-

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