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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Puking Eternally...
This is really getting me down. Still no notice of a hospital appointment.
The nice woman in Coffee Lovers gave me a free lil' cake for New Year. One bite and I nearly had to shamble outside and spew again. It didn't quite happen, though, until  hours later, when I tried a crumpet with a wee slice of cheese for lunch, and nearly turned inside out. Oh Lordy... Moon finds it all very interesting.
I have a dental appointment for tomorrow morning, heaven help me. I only hope my chipped front tooth can be fixed with 'just' a crown. I really don't need any extra tsuris.
R Next Door has been having her visions again, she says that she usually doesn't tell people when she sees terrible things, but this coming year is going to be so terrible for everyone, she just doesn't care. Well, actually, I think many people feel the same way, withoout her having to broadcast it. I'm really trying not to be any more negative than I naturally have to be, but it's hard when things look so horrible.
Still no sighting of Stumpy the squirrel, either. I hope the little bugger's all right.


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Gastro? Bloody awkward time to have that.

Herbal help while you wait for appointment

Lee, I wonder if you know (or have used) slippery elm tablets? I've found them very helpful for digestive issues almost all of my adult life.


Above brand is what I usually buy, but I think you just have to make sure it's the ROOT that you get. I usually take 4 but have taken up to 6 at a time to make sure I line my stomach with it. It does no harm - and hope it helps if you're inclined to get it.

Hope you feel better.

Re: Herbal help while you wait for appointment

Thanks, I've been told about this by someone else, as well. Will have a go.

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