Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

New Year's Feckin' Eve...

'Uncle John' at the stage door always used to call it 'Old year's Night'. Is that expression ever used any more?
First episode of the new LES MISERABLES was OK.  I have to admit I rather missed the songs, and my favourite version to date remains the one with Jean Gabin... Dominic West's megabeard was truly amazing; quite fascinating to observe...Is it just my gutter-bound mind, or are Valjean and Javert  frequently shooting each other 'the glad eye'? ...Fantine is still an eejit.
EAST ENDERS jumped the shark twenty-odd years ago , of course, but the seasonal spectacular this year was out of this world. There's usually a birth and a death at Christmas, so we had the arrival of Kim's little Mica, with Phil Mitchell as reluctant midwife. Then came the ludicrous 'death' of Alfie, who fell/was pushed down the stairs in the midst of a gigantic ruction, cracked his head on the fireguard, had no pulse, etc. Before anyone got around to calling emergency services, they all mourned hysterically and adjourned to the kitchen. The Santa-suit-shrouded  'corpse' then arose, snuck upstairs and kidnapped his baybee daughter...
Didn't see 'Stumpy' the tail-challenged squirrel in the park today, which always worries me.



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