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William Blake
You are William Blake! Wow. I'm impressed. Not
only are you a self-made artist and poet, but
you've suddenly become a very trendy guy to
like. It's not that we doubt that you have all
your marbles, it's just that we're not quite
sure what you did with them to come up with
those terrifying theological visions. The
people of your time were nowhere near as
forgiving as that, and all your neighbors
thought you were a grade-A nut job. But we
love you, so rest happy.

Which Major Romantic Poet Would You Be (if You Were a Major Romantic Poet)?
brought to you by Quizilla

I feel absurdly pleased with myself! Wish I'd start seeing angels, etc. again, too. Actually, the more I read about sleep disturbance, the more likely it seems that my childhood encounters with ETs and angels were some kind of 'sleep paralysis', whch is depressingly boring and common...Fiddle de Dee. Maybe I should go to the BM before it gets hot again. I slept in until after 8:30, due to not sleeping much all week, I guess, and now I'm all befuddled.

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