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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Lorenzo Lotto...

Felt gloomy and sickly, and unfit for anything, but I forced myself to go to the National Gallery, to see the Lorenzo Lotto portraits.
Of course, I got caught in a massive deluge just as I got off the bus, then a jobsworth at the door said he couldn't let me in because of my trolley. I sputtered that I always go in with it, and what about people with pushchairs. 'That's a completely different thing.' he said. 'But I need it to hold me up.' I peeped, and he said 'You mean it's a mobility aid?'  and reluctantly admitted me. People were looking and I felt humiliated.  Mothafuckah!
Anyway, it was a really nice little show, free, and not too crowded. There's something quite deep and soulful about some of Lotto's work. I was particularly charmed by the  handsomely melancholy 'Young Man with a Lizard.'
I had a look at the Rachel Maclean  'Lion and the Unicorn' stuff,  and film, too. Clever, but not really my cup o' tea.
When I came out, it had cleared up, but I still felt a bit crook, so just went home. I had a bit of bread with tuna pate, and barfed yet again
Pointlessly faffed around with the dead hoover some more, feeling desperate. Meh.

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Good for you for dragging yourself out.  We had a similar  problem at the National on our last visit: my friend/ business partner is partially signed and in galleries uses a camera to see better.  She always checks with staff first,  particularly if it's a special exhibition as they often ban photography.  They were fine with it,  so in we went.  Painting one,  a jobsworth steps up to tell us no photography.  Fair enough,  so we explained we had permission.  Nope. Loud lecture. Refused to check with anyone.  We had to leave the exhibition and drag the other staff in to tell him it was ok. Then he followed us round the entire thing glaring at us. As you found,  such a charming addition to the day.  As my friend often says, her major disability is people.

I know, people are soo obnoxious. Bah!
I've never had a problem at a museum before, and I'm a fairly frequent visitor to the NG, NPG, BM, etc. Maybe there was some kind of alert on.
I prefer to use my Sholley as a balance aid, as it looks less 'obvious' than a walker, but next time I may use the cheap 3-wheeler I got a the charity shop.
- I was so embarrassed, I don't want to endure that again. Grump.'

Sighted, not signed,  in case that isn't obvious. Stupid phone.

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