Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Here we are again in Dark Day mode. R Next Door, thank gods, was available at last to change the light bulb. I'm still fiddling with the Hoover. Damn!
Nothing on TV last night... DEATH AND NIGHTINGALES, supposedly a gothic romantic thriller, is chocolatebox balderdash.
Finished THE TERROR, a stonking good read to the end, although it could have used a bit of editiing. There were some  tedious bits, like FitzJames regaling the surgeon with the details of different types of boats, for about twenty pages, a few ( at least chortlesome ; 'exploding' dicks, etc) Bad Sex scenes,and the fact that virtually every time the exhausted, stressed- out Crozier speaks, he 'rasps' . On the whole , though, fantabulosa!
Now that  I've worked up a good obsession with eerie Arctic stuff, FORTITUDE has started the last season. No subtitles, though. I find so much TV difficult to hear, now. Fap.

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