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Sweltering and Stinking...

I smell like bloody mayonnaise; what does that mean? Everything else smells like lightly toasted geriatric neutered tomcat, and his poobox. That screen thing I rigged over the balcony window seems to be keeping the flies down, though.
It was actually cooler in the launderette,so instead of wimping out and paying extra for 'service', I did it myself AND walked back, after purchasing a pack of pita bread, which turned out to be mouldy. Arse...I should return it, but hey, it's-just-too-HOT!
Latest insulting fatphobe advert is the one about sweaty men, where the fat guy comes into the steamroom and pushes all the other stinky, slimy blokes out of the way.They look at him disdainfully. It also implies that het men are too stupid to know they should use deodorant, 'cos women don't want to smell their pits (at least until we know them better-). So, it's sexist, too...Actually, though ,it is rather astonishing that a lot of men don't seem to know, even in this day and age, so perhaps it does serve a purpose, of sorts...
There was actually a nice breeze coming up, thank the gods, so I sat in the shade behind the recycling bins, and looked at The Standard...I reckon Victoria Wood has had a facelift-or something 'done'. She looks different...

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