Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Cloudy & Chilly Again...

I saw a news  item about Chelsea Cloisters being 'ten floors of whores', which rather surprised me. A friend from NY lived there for a year or so, about 40 years ago, and I always thought it was rather a fusty, gloomy place, with no sign of glam hookers. Maybe it's only become raunchy in recent years. My chum did have an affair with one of the concierges, though.
Sadly, she's left this plane of existence, but I'm sure this revelation would have amused her.

I decided to work out in the park, as it seemed like I'd waited long enough. It made me feel a bit perkier, and I don't think my mouth is any the worse for it.
Went to the cafe and wrote my dreams down, then to Superdrug (oh, the excitement-) to stock up on bits, to get double loyalty points on my card.
Did a quick dust and hoover, then set off for the frozen, monster-haunted North again. THE TERROR is such a good read, and so long, I'm only half through it. (Don't want it to end.)
I only have to hold out 3 more days to start switching on the heat in December. It must be fairly raw in here, though, as Moon is spending whole evenings in the crook of my ( thick towelling bathrobe-wrapped) arm, and insists on sharing the bed with me. (Wheeze...)



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