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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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I hadn't looked in the mirror since the root extraction yesterday, but this morning I discovered there is now a big chip out of my front tooth, in addition to the gory gap a few spaces down! Holy Mary, mother of God... I think the surgeon may have done it while she was shoving and yanking, but I can't be sure.
Would you bloody believe it? I don't know what fixing it entails, 'just'  a crown, maybe, but in any event, more smile-shame for an indefinite period, and probably more money I don't have.
On the 'bright' side, there hasn't been much pain, so far...The post-op sheet says the second and third days afterwards are worst, though.
I expected BLOOD to finish with another double episode, last night, but no, the finale is tonight. More juicy revalations to come, no doubt. I've really enjoyed it. The usually rather lame and lowbrow Ch5 is off to a good start with introducing original dramas, etc.


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If the dentist chipped your tooth, can't she be held liable for its repair?

Several years ago, the dental center—a teaching facility—I go to paid for a bridge because the student working on me had screwed up the work. I recently got a credit on some work that was done because after the socket for one of my implants was seated, I had discomfort and pain and it had to be removed and allowed to heal. (I actually am still numb in that area, and am reporting on that.)

I don't know what the policy is over across the pond, but here dentists—particularly student dentists—do better with feedback.

Thanks. I can't prove that the surgeon did it, of course. Thank gods I don't have to pay the full whack on my dental work, except for implants, etc.

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