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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Silly Old Woman...
I did an R Next Door thing in the park this morning. This horrible chav with a little black pug  was pointing out squirrels to it , and encouraging it to chase them. I squawked  'No, please don't do that !'  and was, of course, ignored. He kept coming back and doing it, and I kept wailing. 'Please stop!'  but he just sneered and sniggered at me. 'Cruelty isn't funny!' I croaked. There was nothing I could actually do, of couse. I must have looked a real melon . bawling out at the kid from the rowing machine. Thank gods, nothing was caught. It was bad enough when that little one had its tail nipped. It's still around, seemingly well, though. The pug didn't seem particularly  interested in hunting them, but the youth was really keen. Scumbag.

They're far too tame for their own good, really, poor little buggers, and it's partly my fault for joining R in providing them with monkey nuts.
I made a few calls to travel agents promising really cheap city breaks , but after keeping me on the phone for ages, they'd always come up with a quote about three times more than expected, 'cos I'm solo, and want something really central. If I weren't so old, I'd go for a hostel. Grunt.


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All our squirrels are beggars, and will willingly come to within an arm's length of anyone they suspect of having nuts or other food. They make eye contact and—let's face it—are perfectly tame.

When I adopted a springer spaniel a few years ago, he even managed to tree a squirrel in the dog run—and almost got its tail! That dog was fast!

Big ups to you for standing up for the squirrels. That was brave.

Thanks. I was actually afraid he might knife me or something. He was a nasty-looking piece o' work. (The yoof, not the poor pug.)

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