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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Left at nine to get to the Coli for 10:30. You have to allow ages, nowadays. I actually got there at ten past. The bus always stops at Westminster , too. it seems, but I was lucky, and only had to walk from Horse Guards this time. The place was packed. Several people in my row were late and I had to keep getting up, then one had a coughing fit and had  to crawl over everyone to get back out...@#}>!!!  The balcony is now reserved for school kids at rehearsals. I wish we'd had treats like that when I was at school.
The staged production looked fine, with some very impressive images, the  augmented ENO chorus  was in fine fettle and the soloists were good, although soprano Emma Bell's towering, elaborate coiffure looked a bit strange for a traumatised  witness to the miseries of war. (It was just the dress rehearsal, though, she may tone it down a bit for the shows.) I quite liked the baritone Roderick Williams, a nice heartfelt, plangent sound.


Afterwards,  I shuffled over to the NPG for the photographic portraits show. It was fairly dull. as usual, especially the winners. I entered the 'Choose your favourite' competition to win a Leica.


There was a good crowd of people at Parliament Square demanding another referendum. Fingers crossed...It might just be a possibility, now, with all the carrying on,cabinet resignations, etc.

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I just got back from a trip to Melbourne specifically to see Meistersinger. And it was AWFUL. I love the Ring and really enjoyed the Flying Dutchman, so it didn't occur to me that Wagner might actually be dull as ditchwater. It was like an endless committee meeting. Turns out that it was actually a London production which one reviewer called "an abyss of idiocy". We were tempted to leave after the first interval but made it to the second and didn't go back for the third act. Luckily we stayed there for a few days and did other fun things so the whole thing wasn't a total writeoff.

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