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GANGS OF NEW YORK is a corker; great atmosphere, loadsa gory violence, and some terrific barnstorming acting. Daniel Day-Lewis, given the wonderfully juicy part of “Bill the Butcher” effortlessly runs off with the film. As usual, with this actor, you just can’t take your eyes off him... Rather brave (or foolhardy?) of young Mr. DiCaprio to co-star with him -
I could have done without the Young Lurve subplot, but as these things must be, it might have been more convincing with less ‘starry’ actors than DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz. Actually, they were both perfectly adequate, but they can’t help, you know -sparkling- a bit.It was curious, incidentally, that while most of the rough stuff was fairly graphic, Leonardo, after being knifed, repeatedly nutted, and branded with a big hot blade, looked as freshly cherubic as before, once he was up and about…
Jim Broadbent was excellent as ever in the smaller part of Boss Tweed , and it was a pity the stunning Liam Neeson was only around for a few minutes. (Phwoar, wotta fine-looking man, etc…)
It’s a very long film, but not boringly so, and I actually feel inclined to seek out the book, which I think, might be more of a factual version of these gang wars. I was brought up in New York, and knew a bit about Tweed and Tammany Hall, and vaguely remember something or other about a big conscription massacre, but basically hadn’t a clue all this mayhem was going on for decades. ( MY antecedents arrived after all that argy-bargy, and were not involved, of course…)
Bought two BIG fat quadrille notebooks at LIDL this morning for under £2.00 each. Even though I went early, there were hardly any left, and I had to shove a mouthy old French woman just a little bit… Ha! I win! Four gel roller pens for 99p, too. Yeh!
BIG BROTHER is getting a bit more interesting with the freezing - out of the wretched ("I've been told I'm a looker-") Lisa being compellingly squirm-inducing. The odd thing is, that she reckons wee Cameron,( who despite all his "What Would Jesus Do?" agonising, simply cannot disguise his intense loathing for her-) is the housemate most favourably disposed towards her. Weird. Of course,they all detest her; maybe the old-fashioned Orkney lad Cameron is slightly more polite about it...
If this heat keeps up, I'm gonna punch somebody out. Actually snapped at Reante, of all people earlier, and she's very over-sensitive, anyway. Mea culpa...Must buy her a chocolate bar, or summat...

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