Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Torpid Tuesday...

Didn't do a full workout, 'cos it was wet. Planned to do some more when it dried out, but ended up just sloping around, and gaping at BLACK PANTHER.
It was very entertaining, but, as usual, not as brilliant as it was made out to be. The CGI environments and the costumes were ultra lush, though. I wonder if  they accept decrepit old white ladies with no skills as migrants to Wakanda? I want to be one of T'Challah's baldy bodyguard wimmin.
Sweetly surly Cameron won the last-ever (?) BIG BROTHER, the youngest victor ever. I approve. It was the most interesting series in a long time, actually, no silicone boobs,or drunken brawling (well not much-) and mostly 'normal' characters, some actually likeable. Everyone was crying.


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