Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Sunday In Souf London...

Well, at least the flat is tidier than usual, but I'm so far from the clear-out I need.
The chomped-on squirrel seems to have escaped serious harm. There's a chunk out of its tail, but just the tip, and it's frisking around begging for food, as per usual. Thank you, St Francis.
The HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE series really isn't much good, but as usual, I feel compelled to carry on and half-watch every episode in the season.
Nice to see BECK back on BBC4 Saturday night, It is a bit cosy-Scandi, but I like the characters. That two-parter about the RL botched robbery and hostage drama in Germany was very good, quite suspenseful. I don't remember that case at all, actually, although it must have been big news at the time.
Decent DOCTOR WHO; liked the critter.


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