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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Bad Dog...
R Next Door was in the park this morning, when an Akita went for a squirrel, and snapped off a bit of its tail. Very scary, and I've never heard her shriek SO
hideously. She turned on the owner, saying she should be arrested, and if the squirrel had died, there's a £500 fine, etc. The woman, who is in some sort of  mobility scooter, was terrified, and chugged off. I was just standing with my jaw swinging, through it all. I tend to freeze when alarmed.
She went on to say that the woman deserved to be disabled and she hoped she'd die soon. I said she'd draw bad luck on herself by talking like that, but she thinks that God understands and approves. Och... She also reckons that the squirrel is now doomed to die, because they can't survive the winter without a full tail to wrap themselves in. I don't believe that's true, but no use disagreeing with her.
Watched the first episode of HOUSE OF CARDS, series 6, and it was OK, but whatever  odious stuff Kevin Spacey has done, he's a riveting actor, and the show is poorer without him. Robin Wright is excellent, though, and I liked the touch of woowoo that's been introduced.


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It's illegal to kill red squirrels, but killing grey squirrels is legal providing it is done humanely. Bizarrely, it is illegal to trap grey squirrels and release them. Once trapped, they must be killed.

Harder to find any information about dogs though. Two dogs or more dogs used for hunting purposes is illegal or legal depending on hunting seasons, private land, type of animal being hunted. It is illegal to have a dog you can't control (killing someone's cat for example.)

Something of a grey area!

Akitas were bred to flush out bears and wild boar, and hold them at bay for the hunter to kill. I would assume it would be very difficult for one to catch a squirrel that wasn't already quite sick.

The wee squirrel seems fine. There's a V-shaped dawg mouth chunk out of the end of the tail, but s/he's running around and eating plenty as usual.

Sounds like the squirrel just lost a bit of hair. Perhaps the squirrel equivalent of the lizard who loses the end of their tail but lives on!

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