Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

The Usual...

The new Apple Shop at Covent Garden is quite palatial. I was somewhat intimidated by the hordes of hipsters braying about, when I went to my Introduction to Iphone class on Friday  (Gala Opening Day!). The instructor guy was pretty good, and I learned a thing or two, mainly to be a bit less frit of the thing. I'll probably go again. They talk about how to use the cameras and stuff, too, and it's free.
I felt quite threatened by the crowds, in general. They just barrel along indifferent to the halt and lame, like me.
Another disgracefully wasted day, today. even with the extra hours' sleep. Didn't work out ,
as it was wet, but later it cleared up...By then, I was ensconced in the chair bingewatching. AMERICAN HORROR STORY 8. There's one ep to go, but I think this was one of the least interesting series.
The endless deluge of nasty news continues, with the horrible US synagogue shootings. How can it keep up like this?

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