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I had decided to visit the BM despite the slimy weather, and drop in to GOSH to see if there's a new COMICS JOURNAL. Fortunately, I took my walking stick, 'cos as I walked up to the bus stop, my calf went BOINNNG!!! like a broken rubber band, and I nearly fell down boom. I took this as an omen to avoid the West End today, but I hobbled on over the road, and bussed to Clapham Junction, to check out the charity shops, and get a couple of videos, as there's nowt on telly tonight. (MINORITY REPORT, GANGS OF NEW YORK- I have a feeling I should have got TROUBLE EVERY DAY instead of one of them, but I guess I must be in a mainstream mood...)
YahooGroups is giving me gyp, as usual. Can't bloody post to the Minxes/Friends of Minnie thing...or have they just given up? I got an email the other day, begging people to join. (I'm sure I did, ages ago, but never heard any more about it, after the 'choose a name' stuff)...Now my posts just bounce back. Arse.
My leg is still quite frelled; this could be one of those things that really hurts for days. Bah! Back to Google comic, which is crap.
Thank God it's clouding over again. Everything in the flat smells vaguely catty (yes, crunchcandy!) and feels dampish. Ick....

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