Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Inktober Doodle Catchup...

Another too-warm day; it's nearly Novermber. It was chilly this morning, though, so I got my workout done painlessly. After that, I just wanted to flake out, again, though.
The anti-Brexit march has evidently been a great success, although I'm not very optimistic that we'll escape it. Even if there's a miracle, just think of all the money that's been thrown into the whole foolish business, while people are homeless and underfed, not to mention the state of the NHS. Heaven help us.
Had a dream that Michael Caine and Helen Mirren were having sex in my bathroom. I was a bit annoyed, but became interested when they told me that if I bought one of these 'Tu' dressing gowns from Sainsbury's, I too, could be rejuvenated, and attractive.
Watched PANDORA AND THE FLYING DUTCHMAN. I must have seen it before, at some point, but don't remember. Crazy as anything. In lurid Technicolor.
I haven't been bothering to faff with the malfunctioning printer, but got 'motivated' to post a few more lopside scribbles today. I'va actually kept up with doing something, however crude, for Inktober, daily.
#Inktober 2018

Tags: #inktober

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