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Phones, Etc...

Haven't heard from my IT bloke, and don't know what to do about buying that secondhand iPhone 6 Plus...There are a few at 'low' prices on Ebay and Amazon, but I'm afraid of being ripped off, and I saw one for 200 quid at Cex (ditto)
Incredibly crazy mild again. Got my 'workout' done, anyway, and faffed about.
Enjoyed the latest DOCTOR WHO episone Sunday. Again, I was actually able to comprehend what was going on, which I like, although many hardcore followers prefer all that complicated time-wimey stuff. It's too much for my old brain, though. Much as I enjoy it , I've been largely baffled by the goings on for the last five years or so...
It's the same with BLACK EARTH RISING. It's quite interesting, although I really couldn't coherently say WTF is happening.

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