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Oh, It's Hot Again. Arse!

Went and had my hair severely shorn. How can anything that looks so horrible feel so good? Sometimes I can almost kid myself that it's a handsome Gertrude Stein look, but in my heart I know it is a gormless 'Curly Joe' look. Still, me cool(ish) now...
I was half-watching BB4 last night. The housemates were all lagging drunk, and loathesome Lisa informed psychoboy Ray that although he might think of her as just some 'posh bird' (Under no circimstances could anyone ever,ever think such a thing!-) she was really well streetwise;knew how to kill someone by using just two fingers, and would do it, too, if the need arose. That I can envision, actually...
Applied for two more grants. Dreamin' on...The Distressed Gentlefolk's Association has changed its name, which is rather a shame, I think.

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