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Destoy All Toyotas!

Every time I see that pig-ignorant, insulting TV ad ("Wife-swapping" party, good-looking 'smartly' dressed fat woman gets up and dips for car keys, while men all look horrified, and women smirk cattily... She then draws Toyota keys,however, so they all want to shag her..)I could just burst a vessel. It's denigrating to all humanity. Of course, I don't believe in censorship, but if I did, I'd say BAN THIS FATPHOBIC FILTH!!!, you bet.
It's still humid, Gawd 'elp us, but I went to the National Gallery to see that 'Private Passion' exhibit. It cost a fiver, even with 'concession' and I sholdn't have, but hey...It was good. Some very nice Blakes, pre-Raphaelites, and Symbolists, if you like that stuff, and I do. Quite a few Gericaults, too. The Moreaus particularly impressed me; I'd never seen two of them,at all, and the well-known "The Apparition" is alarmingly vivid in RL. It was annoyingly crowded, though. God knows what these things must be like at weekends. It's really difficult to get a look in,sometimes, unless you nudge the old git who's been hogging the space for yonks.,11710,989856,00.html
On the way back, I popped into the ICA, and looked at the 'small' (it is-) exhibit of undergrounds, most of which I was familiar with. There were some ace books in the shop, too. Want, want...

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