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Fucking Benefits Office-

Why is it NEVER straightforward? You have to submit everything about 10 times, they lose it,they fuck up, scare ya for nothing...Christ. Well, I guess I should be grateful the state is keeping me marginally alive, and I'm not begging on the street yet. Actually, I even have enough money left from my redundancy to rent videos every now and then. HEDWIG and QUILLS were both very good, and so was END OF THE AFFAIR, which I rented to-day. Dunno why they needed to make the changes to the book that they did, though;seemed a bit pointless. Also, I was expecting a bit more steamy rumpo for the 18 certificate; the pleasantly ethereal Mr Feinnes didn't even show his willy.
I feel a bit weird.Hell, don't want to get sick, but I'm distinctly queasy...Noooo, not 'winter vomiting' just when I thought I'd escaped! Maybe a nice long drink of LIDL's 35p-for-2-litres diet cola will sort it. (the acid scours out any bugs lurking in yer vitals!)

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