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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Muggy Monday...
Bah, it feels too warm and humid for my taste. I wasn't going anywhere but the park and the cafe, and threw on an old Mickey Mouse T-Shirt. (Disney characters often repel me, but I quite like early 20's-30's Mickey and some others...) Anyway, I got three compliments. I usually dress in a very age-inappropriate style, and often notice people giving me 'Ahhh, Bless...' looks. Is it pity/amusement, or could I actually be looking OK, in my boho way, for my age? Whatever. Better than when they shout fattist abuse, anyway.
The PC came back to life, but I can't see it lasting too much longer, with all the weird things it's doing.
The loss of the National Museum in Brazil is an incredible tragedy, like the Library of Alexandria, or something. I've never visited it, of course, and never expected to, but  it was such a huge collection of irreplaceable items...There seems to have been a plague of destruction of iconic buildings and sites in recent years, worldwide. Another sign of approaching Escraton?


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Most people dress so boringly, it really brightens things up when you see someone making an effort, and that doesn't have to be a posh dress, sometimes all it takes is a little eccentric detail.

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