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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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It was quite rainy (Yay!) all morning, which meant I couldn't do my park chore until nearly lunchtime (Bah!). Then I carried on to the cafe, where I discovered I'd left my purse  in the bag I took to the vets' yesterday. Very kindly, they gave me my flat white on tick.
Reasonably good news on Moon's kidneys again. Vet says she's .very pleased.', as the levels have gone down a bit yet again. She'll always have the condition, of coursr, but it seems to be well contolled at present. Touch wood, and thanks to the animal gods and saints, plus the hoomins who sent vibes

and prayers.

...Er, this was supposed to be a photo of Moon,which has somehow vanished. I'll leave it here, because of the flattering light. You can't see all my wrinkles , dewlaps and turkey wattles.
I rerally wonder what happened to my bloody phone? I've been looking for it for several months, now, so it seems to be truly gorn. Fuck. Of course it was pretty low grade in the first place, and at least five years old. I had great trouble using it, anyway. I'm too old for technology. I would rather like one of them there Samsung 9 Notes to play with, though. (Some chance-)
Watched the latest episode of BETTER CALL SAUL, and lugged the new mini-oven into the kitchen. It's a little bit smaller than the old one, so less difficult to get a grip on, and thank the gods it was done with no injuries or breakages.


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That's a really nice photo! I think you're drawing yourself as a lot larger than you actually now are.

I wish! I'm still 'morbidly obese.'

That lovely phrase:). Hard to imagine when you see how much has gone from your face and necky bits.

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