Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Vet Checkup Day...

Feeling exceptionally weak and sickly today...Had to wait about 45 minutes at the vets' as she had a complicated extraction going on. Discussed the tooth extractions a bit more, but still don't know what's the right course to take. Moon's blood was duly taken, and I've not got the results yet,
Watched some more DISENCHANTED; still not all that keen.
The new thriller BODYGUARD should be a corker, though, if it keeps up the pace of the first two episodes.
I have been dipping into CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER, now and then. There are actually a few people I've heard of, like Kirstie Alley. I was fascinated by the weird-looking Rodrigo, 'The Human Ken Doll', but he got a warning for using a 'racial slur' while lagging drunk. the, after his pa; was evicted. he was 'removed for seriously inappropriate behaviour' which was evidently so outlandish it can never be broadcast or described! Alas.
Good news from the vet. Moon's kidneys are still doing well. <3  Still not sure what to do about the teeth, though.

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