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"It Will Not Do, I'm Sorry For You..."

Ultra -polite rejection of a grant application today...Like,regret to tell you that you suck, and do not deserve any of our lovely money; you can bloody well walk to Serbia, Fatso, and get some much needed exercise. We do hope this has not caused you undue disappointment, don't bother us again...
My computer is definitely breaking down, and every time I try to make an entry, it crashes, just as I'm about to post paragraphs of angst I've VERY laboriously pecked out. (Most of the alphabet doesn't register if the key is only hit once, hence huge increase in my already shameful typo production...) Well, I guess nobody's missed much. Mainly, I've been complaining about the cowboy from the council who arrived with his little boy (!) to install the new communal aerial, just as I was about to go off and check out the COMICA exhibit yesterday. It took ages, the kid kept having to use my loo, (Ewww! Pikey child pee!) the reception is no better, despite their promises, and a mess was left behind...which is when I discovered that my hoover doesn't work any more. (This is getting scary, is it some kind of omen?)
Well, at least it's a bit less humid today, but I'm beginning to doubt if I'll make it to the talk at the ICA. I'll regret NOT going, though...Still, thought of lots of people, being hot, not fitting into the chair, agh...Jeez, Life is real, Life is earnest-

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