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Crabby Old Cow...

Because of the rain, and faffing around with other stuff, I didn't go to the park until about 5 pm. There were several loutish, grubby youths there,  with a motorbike, which they kept roaring across the lawn on , doing wheelies and going 'Yee-ha!' Every time they passed me, they'd smirk my way, I was on my own: no one was about but two men with their  scared dogs, and they didn't stick around long. I was well intimidated, but I wasn't about to forfiet my workout, as I'd had a hard time forcing myself to do it. They had a young boy with them, about six, and they all had great fun buzzing close to him as he pranced out of the way. The kid was enjoying it, but it was really giving me bad nerves. I kept having very bad thoughts, too, along the lines of  'Fall off and break yer neck, ya lousy pikey! ' ( I am a Bad Person, but so are they...) Grumble.
 It's very muggy, now, the nice breeze is gone, and the forecast is for a gradual return to hellish heat.



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