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A Gorgeous Day...

Still too warm for taste, but I have to admit it was lovely. I decided to get to the Serpentine Gallery to see the Cindy Sherman show before I forget and miss it. I didn't realise she was considered all that big a deal, although I've always been intrigued by her enigmatic self-portrait photos. When did she become 'one of the most influential artists of the 20th century'? She is pretty cool, in any event... There was a fair crowd there, despite it being a weekday, and a lecture group was blocking one room for ages.The woman talking was actually fairly interesting, though, so I didn't mind being an enforced eavesdropper. There was none of Sherman's more feelthy stuff, so as not to frigthen the tourists, I guess, and my all-time favourite cryptic scene, Untitled 92, wasn't included.(What is she looking at?)
I had a good gawk, and blew two quid on postcards. Excellent show. Excellent day for a bit of park-strolling and Albert Memorial-studying, too. I believe I have not actualy seen the Albert Memorial since it was restored; that's how often I go to that part of town! Will have to return in September, though, as there's going to be a John Currin exhibit. Yeh! he is SOOOOO weird...

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