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Abundance of Spooky Synchronicity Stuff...

Many weird dreams recently, due to horrid humid nights, most likely. On Friday,I dreamt I was back at the stage door, where strange people kept whizzing past blurrily,and feeling lonely and spare. Then, I saw this jolly old basso who had always been very nice to me, in the olden days. I really liked him; he was grand character. I grabbed his arm and said how glad I was to see him, but he didn't seem to be aware of me at all, and just walked on... The next morning, I saw his obituary in the paper. Whooooo-
This morning, I was gettng some comics together,on the off chance, to submit to Suzanne Marsden's snazzy lil' anthology, ABRAXIA'S DREAM. ( ) Of course, this morning's post contained a copy of the latest issue of AD and a note from Ms Marsden herself. I suppose it's all fairly trivial,but I must have had half a dozen little buzzes like that in the past week. Midsummer magic? When you start having synchronicities, I've noticed, you always seem to get a lot at once. Who was talking about this on LJ,recently? _ ?
The dream about the singer realy spooked me,though...Not the first time I've had a dream like that, either...

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