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Grrrrrr, Arrrrrrrrgh...

Further Farewell to BUFFY musing. Did anyone else notice the lil' zombie who shambles accross the final credits turned around and peered out, for the last episode?
So... you heat-loving, non-oozing and erupting allergically types. I just hope you're enjoying yourselves! Gah- I wish I were in the fucking Big Brother house. THEY have a pool. Oh, there was an actual amusing moment last night. That Ray person (borderline psycho-killer for sure...) scuttled into the loo under a duvet, like a criminal getting into the Black Maria, for a J. Arthur, possibly provoked by rough play with pikey Tania, after a frenzied drinking party. Last image was of this amoeba-like blob sat on the bog vibrating. Arf...

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